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What parents of Mini Morlanders think about us

Below you will find some short comments from parents who have given feedback about how they have found Mini Morlanders for their little people. We hope you find this helpful hearing what other parents have to say!

'The experience we have had with Mini Morlanders has been brilliant. We enquired about a place for our daughter and luckily she was able to start within a couple of weeks. The staff came to visit us at home before she started which was lovely, and our daughter was then very excited to start at the school- this visit really helped to reassure and prepare her. We can tell how much she enjoys her Mini Morlanders days because she chatters away about what she has been doing at ‘school’, and the Tapestry online journal is full of photos and comments about lots of happy activities with her new friends. We could not be more pleased with how it has gone, and look forward to her joining reception soon.'

'I’ve found the process of settling my two children into Mini Morlanders very straightforward because I feel the nursery work with the parents as one big team. Both my children, even if they’ve been nervous being dropped off, have strutted out of the nursery looking proud, happy and normally covered in some sort of paint/mud they’ve been having a brilliant time with. I’ve been so pleased with our choice to send them there.'

'We found applying for a place for Mini Morlanders an easy process and we had a look around the nursery and once we heard we had a space the girls had a couple of taster sessions which helped them to get use to the environment. Once they started they soon settled in and knew which areas of the room they enjoyed playing in and moving around to different areas was easy for them to do. For one of my girls she sometimes needed a little reassurance when she first got to nursery and the teacher was always there to give a cuddle and settle her in and soon after she was away playing with her favourite things.'

'Mini Morlanders has been an entirely positive experience. The level of communication right from the start was excellent. The teaching staff made my little boy feel so welcome and he settled in easily.'

'We couldn't recommend Mini Morlanders highly enough. The whole team are extremely approachable and welcoming. The process of gaining a place there was made effortless through the excellent communication from the teacher. 

We found the initial home visit a lovely touch and it relaxed both ourselves and our child in the lead up to his start at the nursery. Our son settled better than we ever imagined and it is a joy to pick him up and hear about the fun he has been having and witness how much he is developing.'

'My son joined Mini Morlanders as a very clingy 3-year-old. The staff have encouraged him to become more independent in a really kind and nurturing way and he is now really happy at school and is developing some lovely friendships. To have chosen a school that teaches the importance of kindness and happiness alongside the expected curriculum was very important to us as a family.'