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School Closure Procedures

Mrs Donnelly-Stott will inform Cumbria County Council before 8:00am if teachers are unable to get to school and therefore school will have to close. Please listen to the radio (CFM) in the first instance.

You can also check on the Cumbria County Council website

You should have received a closure contacts sheet, you will find a telephone number of a parent you can contact, if you are unsure if the school is closed or not – I will have contacted them by 7:45am where possible. (Please note, you need to call the parent on the list)

We will also inform the appropriate staff at the local authority, who in turn, informs the bus and catering services.

For parents of children travelling by bus, please note that if the bus company is unable to collect your child in the morning (due to difficult road conditions), then they will not take them home at night. So, if you bring your child into school (instead of the bus), then you must collect them, unless otherwise agreed with the bus drivers.

We will also try to send out a text message to parents if school is required to close.

If in doubt please telephone school but please always err on the side of caution and do not attempt a journey if the weather is bad.