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Welcome to our Governors’ section.

Please find below details of how our Governing body is structured, including the names, categories, responsibilities and terms of appointment for each Governor.

Governor Category Term of Office
Louise Donnelly-Stott Head teacher Ex-officio
Joyce Berry (Chair of Governors) Foundation  22/09/2022 - 22/09/2026
Rachael McMann (Vice Chair of Governors) Foundation 01/09/2019 - 01/09/2025

Helen Keogh


30/05/2022- 30/05/2026

Phil Thornton Parent 01/09/2020 - 01/01/2025
Amanda McKirdy Parent 01/09/2020 - 01/01/2025
Lizzie Martin Foundation 01/09/2021 - 01/09/2025
Simon Gordon Foundation 01/01/2019 - 01/01/2024
Becky Johnson Staff  01/09/2014 - 01/09/2025
Frances Chittenden  LA Governor  
Marti Barker  Foundat  
Stephen Tudway Priest in Charge Ex-officio
Ellie Hamilton Associate Member School Business Manager


Mrs Louise Donnelly-Stott - Head Teacher


Mrs Joyce Berry - Foundation Governor, Chair of Governors
Miss Rachael McMann - Foundation Governor


Mrs Frances Chittenden
LA Governor 


Mrs Rebecca Johnson - Staff Governor


Mr Simon Gordon - Foundation Governor


Mrs Helen Keogh - Foundation Governor


Mr Phil Thornton - Parent Governor


Miss Lizzie Martin - Foundation Governor
Mr Chris Martin - Clerk to the Governors
Mr Marti Barker - Parent Governor
Mr Stephen Tudway - Priest in Charge

Retired Governors (in the last twelve months):

  • Mrs Shirley Austin Chair of Governors/LA Governor 01/09/2002 - 01/09/2023
  • Sheila Clark, Foundation Governor, 01/09/2018 - 01/02/2023
  • David Nattrass, Co-opted, 01/091996 - 01/02/2023


Resources and Finance (RF)

Chair of Committee: Rachael McMann

Louise Donnelly-Stott, Joyce Berry,  Amanda McKirdy, Rachael McMann, Phil Thornton, Ellie Hamilton (School Business Manager) Frances Chittenden, Stephen Tudway                                                                                                         

Curriculum and Staffing (CS)

Chair of Committee: Joyce Berry

Louise Donnelly-Stott, Joyce Berry, Simon Gordon, Becky Johnson, Helen Keogh, Lizzie Martin, Marti Barker

Special Committee A

(re Staff discipline and capability etc. and appeals to Committee B)


Joyce Berry (Chair of Governors), Amanda McKirdy, Phil Thornton, Stephen Tudway and Frances Chittenden

 Chair of Governors and RF governors (minus the staff governors, Vice Chair of Governors, and Associate Members)

Special Committee B

(re Pupil grievance and complaints etc. and appeals to Committee A)

Rachael McMann (Vice Chair of Governors), Simon Gordon, Helen Keogh, Lizzie Martin and Marti Barker

Vice-chair of Governors and other CS governors (minus the staff Governors, Chair of Governors and Associate Members)

Head’s Performance Review panel 

Joyce Berry, Rachael McMann

Pay Committee

Joyce Berry, Rachael McMann, Amanda McKirdy, Phil Thornton, Frances Chittenden

Safeguarding and Child Protection, Safer Recruitment

Amanda McKirdy, Joyce Berry.

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

Becky Johnson, 


Lizzy Martin


Frances Chittenden, Ellie Hamilton

Health and Safety

Amanda McKirdy 

Computing and Technology

Marti Barker

Link Governor

Lizzie Martin


Helen Keogh


Simon Gordon


Becky Johnson


Rachael McMann

Nursery, Primary and Secondary Liaison

Louise Donnelly-Stott

PE and PE Premium

Phil Thornton

Religious Education

Stephen Tudway


Phil Thornton


Helen Keogh

Design & Technology/Art  Joyce Berry

Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND)

Joyce Berry

Pupil Premium and Looked after Children) (LAC)

Joyce Berry