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Eden Valley Alliance (EVA) PE

We are very proud to be a part of Eden Valley Alliance (EVA). All children throughout the school year will be given several opportunities to represent our school at an EVA event. Below is a little bit more information about EVA.

Our ethos: 

Working together to provide high quality Physical Education and Sport opportunities for children in small rural schools. 

Our vision: 

To provide sporting and physical opportunities for all, which will be a sustainable model and good value for money.  

To deliver quality CPD for staff within our schools attending EVA events, so that they feel confident delivering competitive and non-competitive sporting opportunities both within the cluster and as intra-school activities. 

To develop strong coaching elements within our program for our participating children so that children can learn and grow.  

To deepen the links between our local schools, children, and staff. To facilitate collaboration and across school friendships and to aid transition to secondary school.  

To allow flexibility for smaller schools to maximise experiences for all, for example: mixed-school teams with different age-ranges where appropriate.   

Our principles (the 4 P’s): 

  • PLEASURE[Text Wrapping Break]Every effort is made to ensure that sport is a pleasurable experience, encouraging individuals to adopt a healthy lifestyle and foster a love of physical activity. 

  • PARTICIPATION[Text Wrapping Break]Every pupil has the opportunity to experience both traditional and new sporting experiences in both a competitive and non-competitive way in a supportive climate. 

  • PERFORMANCE[Text Wrapping Break]Every effort is made to ensure that individuals and teams fulfill their potential. This may result in children being ‘signposted’ to local clubs to further develop their interests and skill set.  

  • PROFESSIONALISM[Text Wrapping Break]Pupils and coaching staff strive to adopt a professional approach to individual and team development and the values associated with sportspersonship.