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Bright Stars Business Project  

Look out for a major new business project we are starting with NORTH LAKES HOTEL!!

Funky Fudge Business Project

Update on what has happened to the project

Recently, we have delivered the fudge to all the houses in Morland - unless you have a child at school - they have been given one. We have received lots of happy comments on our Facebook post about the fudge and we have been given some cards saying "thank you for your kindness towards this project". The fudge will be sold at the leavers BBQ and you can buy it from school it will cost £2 for one block of fudge. It is no loger being sold at the fete.


This is what the Managing director has to say: "I think the project has been very inspiring on what our class could do for some small businesses and for Stephen." 

What the finance head has to say about the project: "The project is going well so far. We have already made £139.55. If the rest of the fudge sells we will have a profit of £217.55."

What the business head has to say about the project: "I think it is going good, everyone is working well together and co-operating well. I'm very happy about what my team has done  and all the other teams seem to be working well too.


What the marketing head has to say about the project: "I think the project is going amazingly well, everyone is working together and my team haven't had any problems. Im very happy that everyone and my team have all worked together to make an amazing project."


What the customer service team head has to say about the project: "I think everyone is working fabulous together.I also think the project is going really well and everyone in my team is working as a brilliant team.I am really happy with what we have done."


What the design team head has to say about the project: "I think the project is going extraordinarily well. My team are working really well together, it looks like we can't do anything wrong, we are very pleased."  


This is our Funky fudge advert ( the update pictures will be in the slide below.)

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

                       FUNKY FUDGE!

As you may of heard we are teaming with a small business called Country Flavour owned by Stephen Keogh. We called our new business Funky Fudge. All of class 4 have been working extra hard to make this business the best it can be! The teams are a Business Team, Design Team, Customer Service Team, Marketing Team, Finance Team and a Managing Director.
We will be distributing the fudge out to everyone in Morland who has a child in school, these bags of fudge will hold one block of fudge and a message of hope i hope everyone will enjoy them.  Bright stars/Centerforlp  have given us £50 to help our business. Our flavours are Vanilla with toppings, Creamy butter and Mint chocolate.

We will be having a stall at the Morland school  BBQ.
If anyone has a Micro business that we can also help please send an Email .