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Come and meet the staff at our school!

Picture 1 Head Teacher Mrs Louise Anderton
Picture 2 Class Four teacher Mrs Lynn Dobinson
Picture 3 Class One teacher Miss Emma Metcalf
Picture 4 Class Three teacher Mrs Becky Johnson
Picture 5 Class Three teacher Miss Jennifer Boyd
Picture 6 Class Two teacher Miss Joanne Berry
Picture 7 Teaching Assistant Mrs June Abbott
Picture 8 Teaching Assistant Mrs Sara Watson
Picture 9 Teaching Assistant Miss Kate Elliott
Picture 10 Teaching Assistant Miss Hannah Bell
Picture 11 Teaching Assistant Mrs Carol Richardson
Picture 12 Office Staff Mr David Nattrass
Picture 13 Office Staff Mrs Faye Vermaak
Picture 14 Cook-in-charge Ms Anne Barber
Picture 15 Cook Mrs Clare Nattrass
Picture 16 Mid-day Supervisor Debbie Harrison
Picture 17 Mid-day Supervisor Eileen Kelly
Picture 18 Apprentice TA Sara Richardson
Picture 19 Apprentice TA Aimee Byers
Picture 20 Teaching Assistant Lainey Widdaker