Mission Statement

Our core values are honesty, togetherness, compassion, reverence and wisdom

 For ourselves we try to be honest about our mistakes so we can change and improve.

For our school community we strive for togetherness being together as one family.

For the wider world we look for compassion within ourselves so we care for others and help them.

In our Worship we want reverence so we have deep respect for all humanity and their beliefs.

When we are learning we will take time to have wisdom and understand and learn as much as we can then use this knowledge wisely.

At Morland School...

We are always busy! Whether it's sporting competitions, Christmas plays, fundraising for charity or working on local community projects, we always have something on the go.  We pride ourselves on playing a big part in the local community and have strong links with our local church.  Keep up to date with us via our Twitter feed.

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